Doug Dean’s Writings
A Madman’s Soul
Excerpts from “A Madman’s Soul”
1: Psychosis
2: Stray Dog
3: One More Case
- An open letter to Joni Mitchell

The Vape-Master Diaries
LA Marijuana Dispensary Stories
- 35 Year Cherry Re-Bust
- The Dutch Couple
- The Line Up
- Zeta Harvest Day
- Fame, Sex & Weed
- Zeta Kief: A Golden Goddess
- I got shot last week!

- In Defense of President Obama’s Medical Marijuana Policy
- Debby Goldsberry – Free Weed from Greed!
- The Journeypipe
- Historic Elizabethan Clay Pipes
- ‘Baked’ by Mark Haskell Smith
- California patients are in a quandary over BHO (Butane Honey Oil)
- Bill O’Reilly – An Act of Ignorance
- WWII Hero [U.S.A.] Slowly Retiring After 65 Years of European Defense
- Why I Aim At Being Neither Politically Left nor Right

Technical Writings
- Academic
- Psych Ed Report
- COM Programing

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